Precious Dust

‘Precious Dust’ wanders through the history of cement and the quarry at Ketton, a journey from Jurassic beach to industrial excavation. The works explore the story of the ‘dust’ that is so fundamental to the construction of our civilization.
Its manufacture hastens our return to warm, watery Jurassic climes, yet our towers grow ever taller.



Our concrete legacy will become a new kind of rock strata, coating the earth’s surface in a techno tectonic plate. What will future paleontologists make of the technofossils forged from the ruins of our concrete and plastic?


Sam Roddan’s new body of works contemplate the fragile balance between our industrial heritage, progress and sustainability.


Sam is artist in residence with Metal Culture
‘Precious Dust’ shows experimental works documenting the beginnings of a conversation with the theme and processes.





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