Langdyke Stories

The artist’s residency and community engagement programme Langdyke Stories uses art to share and celebrate the wildlife and landscape, history and heritage of the local area on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Langdyke Countryside Trust. The project draws communities together, creating new networks and strengthening existing ones. Over 300 people of all ages from community group, schools and villages around Peterborough and the inner city have taken part, creating miniature eco-printed artworks overdrawn with the patterns of the land.

The workshops were led by artist in residence Kathryn Parsons, whose research also led her to create beautiful eco-printed poems and lumen prints. Kathryn’s Herbarium of Stories uses an entirely natural process of sunlight to print ephemeral photographs of volunteers, wildlife and landmarks on to leaves.

The project was celebrated in the book Langdyke Stories

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