The Art Windows are located at the bottom of Ironmonger’s Street, Stamford PE9 1PL and feature solo shows of work by local artists. We are grateful to Superdrug Stamford for permitting the use of their windows for the project and Stamford Town Council for their financial support.


Step into the Light


The urban artist known as Korp employs multi-layered stencil techniques and marker pens to create utterly contemporary and frequently iconographic images. His stencil work displays a remarkable level of patience and an exceptional eye for detail and the use of text and hidden meanings in many of the images belies a subverted playfulness. His marker work consists of an army of mutated worms that explore his childhood experiences and current affairs.


Endless Wanderings
Pigeon La Rue


Pigeon la Rue’s work is an intuitive visual journey, exploring endless routes of imagination, laying down inks with splashes of coloured sprays, layers of stencilled form. Inspired by the simplicity of things around her, things that distract her from the disarray of life, she finds exquisite wonder in the tones of a leaf or the markings of a moth wing; how a bird’s song can transport you miles away even in the depths of a busy city.


British Chronicles in no chronological order
Sue Shields


Sue focuses mainly on cultural geography with particular interest in the historical and modern narratives of people’s lives within their landscape. By walking, mapping, exploring and chatting, she develops a relationship with the immediate environment, exploring the local marginal and obscure to expose, and to some extent re-imagine, forgotten stories and re-discover lost affinities.


Tales of the beautiful strange
Jason Duckmanton


Jason creates beautifully haunting illustrations that hint at strange realms where melancholic, surreal stories unfold. His work is influenced by Pop Surrealism and Victorian era photography, which inspire the eerie atmospheres portrayed in his artwork.


Laura Barnard


Laura specialises in maps, cityscapes and patterns along with a bit of hand-drawn typography. The iconic city landmarks featured here are taken from her maps, drawn in her signature style. With a keen eye for detail, her simple linear marks define immediately the essence of these familiar structures, whilst her detailed drawings of urban landscapes are intricate explorations of the architecture.


Viewfinder: Australia
Kat Moore


The works by Kat are created in response to her travels around Australia with her sketchbooks. The Australian landscape has been a source of fascination to Kathryn for 30 years – its volume and space, structure and light, colour, textures and patterns – which are revealed in this collection.



The fine line of the land
Julie Reid


Really looking – strong observational drawing – is the vital element of Julie’s work, which extends to painting, printmaking and collage. Working primarily from natural history resources and the landscape, she is drawn to the minute detail of nature and the extensive line of the countryside.


In passing
Ann Bellamy


Ann’s world is full of spinster aunts, best clothes, coal tar soap and acute human observations tinged with humanity, empathy and a wicked sense of humour. Her highly visual, idiosyncratic flights of fancy have developed into the drawings of observational characters, only glimpsed or heard in passing, that Ann is so well known for today.


For the Stamford Art Festival 2015 supported by Arts Council England.